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Re: 9/27 Hotfix!!

Originally Posted by AuntLou View Post
Really dude?

Why do people jump so fast to play this card?
Considering it's the first time i "played this card" i wouldn't say it's "fast". I'm playing (on and off) since beta and never complained once about the cash shop (except mild jokes about that lumifibre nonsense).

But when the game still creates 0byte files in the mypictures folder since beta (because i dared to use non english letters in my windows username), when i see misplaced objects that stick out like a sore thumb not being fixed for months, when i see a half-finished lattice that looks like someone gave up after esamir (and i could go on here), and then see the most prominent feature of a patch is new shit for the shop, what impression of their priorities am i supposed to get here?
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