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Higby's "Expedition" Continents

Higby explained on the PS2 forums how and why they're doing Hossin now.

The jist is that it takes the level designers 2-3 weeks to produce a "Amerish-quality" outpost, with that time roughly multiplied out by a factor of 80 to fully complete a continent. Higby describes Hossin's outposts at the moment as being 50% polished, 25% first pass, and 25% copy-paste bases, and refers to Hossins early release as an "Early Expedition" continent.

Well heck, I say you throw down some construction equipment and barrels and just make this a part of the game! Make new continents that "aren't fully established" a part of the game's lore.

For new "expedition" continents, I imagine it couldn't take much more than a month for SOE's artists to create the raw landscape. Cookie cutter in some PS2:Beta style bases and you're talking a new continent every month or so! (Ranik here even suggested a rudimentary base placement setup for Outfits)

I can understand with SOE's new locking mechanism that they might have qualms in the cases where new players might end up locked into "Low Quality" continent. That's why if expedition continents to be a thing, I'd have their mechanics different so they are locked / unlocked along with the "High Quality" continents, something akin to the battle islands.

What do you think? Are more "Early Expedition" continents an answer to PS2's continent problem?

Edit: I had previously misquoted that there were "80 outposts" that needed to be done per continent. This has been corrected!

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