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Re: Higby's "Expedition" Continents

Not sure if it was even 80 outposts specifically that he was referring to, but just overall quality assurance. Full quote:

Originally Posted by Higby
...we've figured out that creating a "good" outpost in Planetside 2 takes about 2-3 weeks of level design, art playtesting and iteration time minimally, per outpost. Multiply that by 80 or so, and you'll get a good idea of how much work is required for a high-quality continent.
My bad... :c


Originally Posted by BlaxicanX
I've always felt that there's too many bases, especially when you consider the ratio of # of bases versus the importance of any particular base. Aside from AMP stations, Tech-Labs and Biolabs, regular bases really have no significance aside from geological ones. There's really no reason for why every single base, or nearly every single base, needs to be custom-designed.
Yeah, it does feel really weird doesn't it? Bases are literally stacked one on top of another. I've come to wonder if it wasn't done for two reasons:

#1. Shorten the walking distance towards another fight. Which was a miscalculation considering how outfit ops usually play out + spawn in transport.

#2. Reduce the impact of players popping into the distance by putting bases in the way. Honestly though, I never remember this being a problem in north Indar, or old Esamir.

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