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Re: Higby's "Expedition" Continents

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Yeah, it does feel really weird doesn't it? Bases are literally stacked one on top of another. I've come to wonder if it wasn't done for two reasons:

#1. Shorten the walking distance towards another fight. Which was a miscalculation considering how outfit ops usually play out + spawn in transport.

#2. Reduce the impact of players popping into the distance by putting bases in the way. Honestly though, I never remember this being a problem in north Indar, or old Esamir.

You know in your heart that it's to keep down time-to-engagement pacing to help appeal to other games' players. They could always have ridges and stuff to make a distance-breaker (responding to #2) but the players of certain other games just won't play if you can't spawn and be shooting/shot at within a certain number of seconds.
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