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More places to fight period doesn't mean much if those places aren't well-designed. Continents sitting empty because nobody likes fighting there doesn't add much to the game.
Somehow they need to get the game away from the siege mentality. Sometimes there are small fights in the spaces between bases, but not too often. Right now, the game is based on one side surrounding another side's base, and that's where most fights are determined - either you successfully get to where you can blast the defenders as they come out of the spawn, and in so doing hang on until it's capped, otherwise you get your vehicles blasted out from under you and driven off.

But if we could have 16 km continents with big distances between outposts, and (this is just a potential idea, not necessarily a suggestion) what if bases could be capped a lot faster? Outposts capture in 90 seconds max? Then there would be some value to interdicting enemy vehicles in the wilderness between bases, getting us away from the mentality of every fight must be one enemy laying siege to a base and blasting people coming out the spawn.

Of course, such a distance between bases would not appeal to the players coming from other games where the round lasts ~30 minutes and they just fast respawn deathmatch; but then these guys don't really like the current system of spawn suppression, surely?
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