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Originally posted by The President
Yeah R3D I think that is completely idiotic, yeah it looks cool having a glowing knife to stab your enemy with buyt where is the tactical advantage? I have heard and I would agree that the NC knife is the best for infil kills, the noise isnt overwhelming and it does not glow.. Say I was sitting there sniping and this glowing knife came running at me, thats not something I would ignore, I would shoot at the glowing knife. On the other end of the spectrum say I was sniping and did not have darklight, an NC infiltrator could very easily slide up behind me and go to work on me before I knew what was happening.
To conclude, Yeah the Vanu blade's glowing ability is cool but useless if it does not get cloaked.

-The President
Vanu knife doesn't glow all the time, they only glow in secondary mode. So just pull out your knife in standard mode, sneak up to you enemy, change to secondary, and stab! All the knives are suppost to give something away when it is in its more powerful secondary mode. TR and NC knives make loud noises and Vanu knives glow.
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