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Re: Can't log in?

Originally Posted by Infektion View Post
You don't have to be a nerd to know how to quote unquote HACK. LOL, We don't want to hear about your substituted childhood reality, I'm sure you just lived vicariously. Now about having internet and forum posting... I never said everyone, I'm merely referring to someone blaming a group of people and then bitching about it. You sir, are a nerd, just for getting all pissy about it. I think you should go out and get laid and do drugs and skateboard some more instead of dropping into a forum. Oh wait... Doing drugs and skateboarding, LOL! That's hellafunny, you need to get a clue. No one gives a shit. Go on now, freebase or whatever the hell you do.
You're doing it wrong (hint: trying too hard). Now shut the fuck up and stop needlessly being a prick.
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