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PC gaming is totally dead due to the up rise in console gaming, shitty devs with negligence towards games and the over abundance of hackers.

There's still a few good companies out there who truly care about their games and make efforts to thwart hacking. However, there's not enough to truly make a difference or compete with console gaming.

Consoles are a lot more affordable than computers, a good one anyways. And a lot more accessible. You can go to any electronic or department store and pick up a console for a few hundred bucks. Where as with a computer you'll likely need to order one online or buy your own parts and custom build it yourself. People are getting increasingly more retarded in the future so it's obvious that PC gaming is taking a turn for the worse.

I'm not going to start a console vs PC war debate on here, even though I'm sure most of you will agree. I do still however believe, scratch that, know that PC gaming vastly superior, at least from an efficiency point of view. I'd state my reasons, but I think it's fairly obvious.

The only advantage that console gaming really has over PC gaming is that it appeals to much more casual people. Which just so happens to be the majority of people.

So basically PC gaming is fucked because the majority of people are morons and they look for the easiest avenue in order to get involved in something.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if in the near future they just completely did away with PC gaming. Everyone will have consoles in the future and we'll only use our PCs for buying shit online. Actually, they already have that for consoles.

ACTUALLY, they'll do away with consoles and PCs altogether. Everything will just be done on your phone. Which will be microscoptic and implanted into your brain at birth by the government in an effort to control our thoughts, secretly however the government is controlled by Lizard People who use our bodies for fuel and keep us in a comatose state. We'll all be entirely controlled and manipulated in a simulated world unaware that we're actually enslaved by these Lizard People.

This starting to kind of sound like a movie I was once saw.....I think it was called "The Lion King".

The end.
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