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Originally Posted by Nephilimuk View Post
No offence but can you add some substance or evidence to support that statement?

I don’t mean to be an @rse its just none of us know what was or was not done unless we work for that company. Normally no one goes out of their way to get hacked and very rarely if it was a coordinated attack does it fall into the category of negligence. Complacency is more common when you think your complying with security best practice.

The top and bottom is in most cases if someone has the resources and the incentive they will find a way.
Sephirius makes the points I would make. I don't know what their network security was like. I only know how the company treats the other pieces of their business and it's more than likely to carry over into the parts that aren't public.

You can say that if people have the resources they can find a way, but if somebody is looking for credit card information they'd be a WHOLE LOT better off trying to hit Blizzard. The thing is, that's a company with pretty amazing reputation in the public area which makes you think they probably do a better job behind the scenes as well.
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