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Re: First time playing Planetside

Originally Posted by ShockFC View Post
keep telling yourself it was ever that easy.
Beat me to it.

That being said.

Always have engineering certed regardless of play style, it's simply too useful a cert.

If you plan on doing a lot of fighting indoors, medical goes a long way to increasing time on the field without returning to an e-term for fresh kit, though you can still get by with just medkits.

Speaking of. ALWAYS have medkits, even if you have medical certed. You can adjust the medkit function key to be something more comfortable that you can pop in the middle of a fight to increase the amount of time you stay alive.

Implants. When you hit BR6, implants are basically interchangeable perks. I recommend Audio Amp as your first implant, simply because being able to KNOW where an enemy is at, can either get you a kill or help prevent you from dieing.

Join an outfit, I recommend GotR from VS (look for their listed squads), good bunch of guys.

There's a lot more stuff out there, planetside in it's own way, is fairly complex. It takes time to realize what does and doesn't work. And do not compare it to any other FPS you've ever played, you will only burn yourself.

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