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To add to what I said earlier. The mechanics of this game are also outdated to me at least. When I grew up past the Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh stage of my child, I migrated to the regular Xbox and played Halo 2 and Battlefield 2 Modern Combat on there before I came to PC and catch up on all the games I had missed (I'm 18) so when this game was in it's prime, I was sitting in a clan lobby in some random Xbox game. (I wish the fucking console devs would put clan support back into their games but that is another discussion). The TTK in this game is foreign to me since I've been playing the Battlefield games and Halo for the better part of a decade. I've played Quake Online and some older type games like Tribes Ascend so I welcome the changes that PS2 will bring to the table.

Simulations games are also a must if you are a PC gamer.
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