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Re: Seriously mods R possible anyone interested?

Originally Posted by XxAxMayxX View Post
Ok so just to clarify It depends on what is clientside if the hud is the only thing thats on our hardrives you're right not possible. But if there is just a small amount of data to work with it thAN IT CAN CAN BE DONE.

Also it is a shooter with multiplayer because they both function the same way its just one has a larger player count and a larger level.

If you're not interested don't say anything.
This post just confirmed you have no idea what you're talking about, nor have any interest in understanding what you're dealing with outside your preconceptions.

I will just say this. Sony's running all the servers. To keep the server's hacker free, there will be algorithms checking the client the data sends. If the client has been modified and is sending inappropriate information, it will not run.

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