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Re: Seriously mods R possible anyone interested?

He's not talking about modding for the main servers, guys. This, as many of you have pointed out, is not possible.

He's talking about coding in the stuff necessary to set up your own server, that friends could then log into that has nothing to do with the "main" world. His interest, as stated, is to set up private training grounds for outfits, or a "machinma friendly" environment where people aren't trying to kill you the whole time you're filming.

Game-wise, this isn't an issue, because only a supercomputer, or a server bank, could host more than couple dozen players (meaning everyone will still come to SOE servers to play). However, there are some hurdles to all this, such as opening yourself to possible legal prosecution. At the very least, you'd need SOE's permission.

In theory, what you're talking about would be possible, as all "game" information will be on your hard drive. In order to do this, you would have to be able to code the game to look at servers besides the SOE ones. While possible, this not a "little" thing to do, and based on you asking this question in the first place, you strike me as the type of person that says "I want THIS! Now somebody ELSE go do it." This is never a popular attitude among modding communities.
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