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Post your upcoming Sunderer overhaul ideas here

The devs asked us to come up with ideas for the upcoming Sunderer overhaul so let's help them out and post them here.

I recommend we use a brainstorm approach for this and then let them announce a selection. After which we can discuss why their selection is good/bad.
So the goal of this brainstorm is NOT to bog down in endless discussions why ideas are good/bad but instead generate as many of them or iterate on other ideas, to allow for maximum creative flow.

I'll start off with the Command Sunderer.

A cloaked sitting duck that gives platoons/squads considerable tactical advantages in the battlefield.

You trade in weapon slots and AMS slot for a cloak module, strategic module and tactical module.

Strategic module

You switch to it by pressing F2 after hitting deploy, causing the Sunderer to launch a UAV. This UAV should be hard or impossible to shoot down, it just serves as an indicator for the enemy that there is a Command Sunderer in the area that they should hunt down. When the UAV comes online, it provides an overview cam of the area where you can zoom in/out with your mouse wheel to spot individual targets (it's NOT a radar that reveals red dots) and give squad/platoon orders by right clicking the mouse.

Tactical module
Switching to F3-F6 (Alpha-Delta squad) generates the first person view (helmet/hud cam) of the respective squad leaders. Mouse wheel switches between individual squad members. Right mouse clicking gives various in-game order options. Besides situational awareness and micro management on the battlefield, this will be an important learning/training tool for outfits to improve squad movement and individual skills.

Cloak module
Pretty much works as in PS1.

Optional: Artillery module
When area bombardment ever makes it into the game you can trade in this module for the cloak module. In strategic/tactical mode, you can order a Light Assault to paint a target/area after which this module allows you to do a strike.

That's it for now. Remember, this topic is supposed to be a brainstorm. If you disapprove with this or other ideas, don't go into great length why it sucks but instead come up with your own, better ideas or iterate upon others.
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