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Ok, this is great news! I hadn't heard about it until now. So yeah, pretty much AMS Mk3 as described here Of course, if you want to go with more armor and weapons without the cloak bubble then you can do that too. If they are going to have stuff like less armor with cloak bubble vs. more armor without cloak bubble I'd like to be able to tell that visually in the chassis as well. That's if they are going to keep the AMS and Sundy on the same vehicle.
What do you mena great news? They never even hinted they are going to do that. And the separate AMS vehicle concept is from back in the Beta when the Galaxy was going to loose AMS but the Sunderer didnt get it yet. A separate cloak bubble utility is enaugh. That way organised groups will keep em in pairs with AMS sunderers creatign the same functionality but mr. lone wolf "spec ops" wont be able to put down a cloaked spawn for himself.
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