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Re: Post your upcoming Sunderer overhaul ideas here

I really like the command sunderer idea. For the optional artillery module: would it not make more sense to have an Infiltrator as the target designator, when or if the A.M gets added? Infiltration and spotting is what they are designed to do.
The juggernaut sounds like a cool idea as well. Maybe easier with 2 larger top mounted guns and 2 side mounted smaller guns.

As for the suggested faction mods by AThreatToYou the mods are a bit uneven IMNSHO. to summarize:
NC would get more HP and be a slow bumpercar at the cost of speed - not much of an improvement in comparisson to the other faction mods.
TR would get limited damage reduction from HE tank splash damage and anti-tank mines.
VS would get flying Sunderers - that can fly over gate shields, jump off cliffs, jump up on bridges and ledges and buildings. In comparrison there is nothing limited about that.
However, taking some of that in a different direction:
a mine clearing Sunderer.
Mine clearing module:
a faster moving somewhat more anti-tank mine damage resistant Sunderer, with limited crew space, 6 slots, one vehicle weapon slot, and no AMS as that is where the anti-tank mine gear is kept during regular transport. One could go with a huge drum or chain-flail rig, like for some of the mechanics for trash compactors, which takes time to deploy, a bit like deploying an AMS Sunderer now.
Short term shield module:
a "bumper car" module, a short term shield that can be activated, but it has a longer timer. Could be used to absorb one or maybe a few shots during a very short period of time, 4/6/8/10 seconds, alternatively activated when driving down steep hills and thus avoiding taking damage from hitting things on the way down, also active for only 4/6/8/10 seconds.

On a separate note - and probably not really for this thread
. . .
Is it possible to make the different Sunderer configs easier to find on the minimap for the own faction?
(a) Being able to see on the minimap which Sunderer is configured for ammo or for repair - which currently is only available by visual inspection.
(b) to be able to see on the minimap which Sunderer that actually is Deployed - which currently is easy to do on the minimap if you are in a Sunderer driver seat, but otherwise only by visual inspection.
- Not sure if it is possible or only would get cluttered, as one can have ammo and AMS or repair and AMS for example on a Sunderer at this time. Thus potentially requiring two minimap icons on one Sunderer. Could be sorted with having AMMO and Repair Sunderers with an enhanced outline on the minimap with a different colour outline or something and an X or O or whatever icon is preferred for a deployed Sunderer.
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