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Re: Community Clash TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

  1. I'm not even sure where to begin on this considering a huge swath of TGWW pilots are on the QRY Roster.

    If there's any issue that is unclear, it is the fault of the rules, not the outfits who followed them in good faith. Torin sought clarification of a vague rule and received an official clarification from RC_Torkz. With the clarification from the ruling body, which supersedes arbitrary interpretations of the original rule and vague handwaving at eHonor by Mr Rumblepit, TGWW rightfully and properly moved forward.

    As one of the Reddit r/planetside moderators, my VS alt, which I haven't used in months is, of course, in the TEST outfit. When I did sign into my VS alt, I was flying around in a Scythe with the members of TGWW (We can get notarized statements if necessary). Is it not understandable why I would not want to formally leave TEST even though I didn't regularly play with them? However, for the sake of formality when Dreadnaut (who has been a proud member of QRY for a long time now) asked that I formally join TGWW before the event to minimize any confusion, I did so. There is absolutely nothing improper about that and falls within the framework of the rules and the subsequent clarification.

    TGWW/NNG acted in good faith and any perceived impropriety is just that, perceived. If there is any issue that is/was unclear then the Rules should be adjusted going forward to be more concise.

  2. Mr Rolfski is essentially arguing for a lower skill cap in a competitive(!) mode, in a game with an already, by design, low individual skill cap - the nonsensicality of which is truly mind blowing.

  3. Regarding Air being the OP Solo Deciding Factor on Nexus with 48v48+ - I wish that a particular outfit that geared themselves out specifically to counter vehicles still played and was interested in these MLG/Competitive events to dismiss this notion.

  4. MLG Highlight Reel lol

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