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Re: Test Server Update October 23, 2013 4 PM PST: OMFG Patch

Finally got around to matching my settings on live to the PTS.
About a 10% increase in an empty warpgate so it'll be good to test it on Sun/Mon.
More bottleneck at GPU level for me now with a 6970.
I'd like to finally run crossfire but I hear its still not stable atm.

As per what Rolfski said, I am also not a fan of the central hud update.
An option to have the old one would be good.
The ammo and HP indicator does disappear into the game too much and I liked the fact the current version on live gives clear information.
Even the death screen shield and health bars are over the top now.

The repair hud is still the old bar system down the bottom of the hud for when you overheat.
The repair circle on items is till the old circled bar system as well which seems strange that you would change the bottom hud with a thin line around the circle but leave other things as they are.
Maybe they are in the list of things to finish.

The change to the smaller hud down near your nade count looks ok, for your jump jets, aura heal etc.

Might just be me but I think my tracers are easier to see in thermal.

Bio Labs changes look interesting.
That large walled platform above the teleporting tube room could be a good addition.

Pulse from Recon Dart is so faint its nearly non existent.

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