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Re: Update Notes 06/26 Continent Locking and Hossin

Last night I noticed a LOT of VS mass redeploys. Even against 1-2 squads GOKU would send an entire platoon to crush anything in a bum rush and then wait for those squads to move to another base and do it again then once more. It wouldn't stop till those attacking players would stop hitting VS bases. No Gal drops, no ESF swarms, no sunderers, just a mass wave of players out of either spawn.

DVS can handle itself in a good fight but not with an out of nowhere 2-3v1 odds that just happen in under 20 seconds. You get about 2 minutes into an attack and BOOM, a solid wall of purple using everything in the book from rocket primary, MAX crash, to pure bum rushes and all at once. Not much you can do to hold that back without at least equal numbers.

Without a lot of blue support totaling at least a platoon even for what is a ghost cap at the time, VS will just go "NOPE" and bum rush you down. Didn't see that from TR last night either but I was on Hossin and the TR was rather limited in what they could do.

Waterson hasn't had to deal with mass and sudden spawn room zergs in a good long while. It is going to take a bit to relearn how to fight it again. And Mattherson VS seems to be an expert on things like that. If it was a Gal bomb or swarm of vehicles, it wouldn't be to bad and could be seen coming or stopped beforehand. But a platoon or more just spawning for no real reason isn't that easy to fight against.
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