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Re: Update Notes 06/26 Continent Locking and Hossin

Originally Posted by War Barney View Post
How do you even fight that expect by having a platoon or 2 ghost capping bases? you could use mines but that'll stop the first wave not the billions of others, you could camp the spawn but unless you already have the numbers to win they'll just swarm over you.

The only real solution I guess would be a swarm of libs to constantly bomb the hell out of the spawn so nothing can escape and just hope they aren't smart enough to get their own aircraft in. OR of course the original one.. ghost cap with 2 platoons...
i'm rofl'ing at this, because the same whining attitude already got Lib suppression nerfed into oblivion. when the TB nerf goes live nothing will stop Galaxy rushes either, btw.

it's sort of like how ranchers would often aggressively exterminate coyotes because they lost one or two cattle per year; often sick ones that were taken by a pack. then after the coyotes were gone it was realized that local rabbit populations skyrocketed, as did the number of cattle lost to disease. they were better off with the coyotes, after all.

it was once that planetside 2 thought it had a terrible infantry farming problem and so the Liberator was aggressively exterminated. and now the infantry population goes unchecked and the complaint becomes that there are unstoppable infantry zergs with no natural controls in place.

well, as a full time liberator pilot (now often footzerger) let me just congratulate you all and your whining, while you reap your rewards. it will be months before there is a fix, if there ever is. if there is even population left to care about by the time a fix comes, and assuming it is a fix and not just another half-baked game mechanic that aims to treat the symptoms rather than the underlying issues of poorly thought out, untested, nostalgia-focused design decisions.

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