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Originally Posted by Hehateme View Post
Let me start off by saying I like Angel, I think he's a cool guy to talk with and enjoy playing with him for the most part. This critique is in no way meant to be hostile.

That being said, you are the worst type of planetside player. You and your buddies criticize this games' player base yet do the same thing. Shit, Saturday con was telling me how you two were on TR, fighting nc, with 70-30 pops respectively. You two then go on to blow the Gen because, "it was PG" to quote con. Wtf is that? Everyone on mumble birches and moans when a Gen gets blown on us, then you do the same thing? I cannot comprehend how that works.

Of course, this is all speculation based off of what con was telling me.

However, later that night I had to plead with you and demo to not blow the Gen with 70-30 pops. To which I was met with demo's response, "I'm so fed up with this game just blow the Gen so the fight end. " Umm... Then don't play it. "Why ruin the only fight" to quote everyone on mumble, including myself. Fair enough if you're not enjoying the game at that moment, but who are you to ruin it for others.

If you blow a Gen, in my opinion you lose the right to bitch about getting the Gen blown on you.

Again, I like you all. Hell, I get on with most people in this game. But the level of hypocrisy in the statement, "This community is sincerely awful" amazes me.
While I wasn't present during said occurrences, I cannot comment directly. However, the basic idea, in my mind, of Angels statement is that due to the hacking the community is bad. Little kids that throw fits and resort to unstoppable means, to make themselves feel better.

There is a HUGE difference between hacking and someone dropping a gen, throwing plasma, Pshield or whatever else someone considers gay. I myself have dropped gens, more often it is to direct the zerg but I'm guilty of doing so just because.

There are many players/outfits that will drop the gen with 90% pops. As a member of DT I've debt with that my entire life. It honestly doesn't bother me, I may say "Oh great they blew the gen with 80% pop" but it's partly my own fault for not stopping them. I don't always agree with gens being dropped but honestly it's been a part of Planetside forever and while the fight might be "ruined" at that base... There's a million other bases where the next fight will be.
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