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Originally Posted by Hippo View Post
I don't always agree with gens being dropped but honestly it's been a part of Planetside forever and while the fight might be "ruined" at that base... There's a million other bases where the next fight will be.
While I agree with this statement to an extent, I don't find it true anymore. With pops like they were, with the fight I was present at, it was going to be the last fight of the night. Sure, 3-4 years ago if someone blew the gen you get kicked off cont and move on. I wholeheartedly agree with you that, in previous years, getting the gen blown was your own damn fault, I've played with every "leet" fit in this game, to some extent, I've never been too upset with a gen getting blown. (a case could be made against bio-lab but there were days where 30-40 people would be dedicated to staying in gen).

However, with pops like they are now, leave the damn thing alone. If for some reason you cannot resist the urge to blow the gen, then don't go whining and moaning that it happens to you in an hour.

To answer your "hacking" comment, I don't see hackers as a part of this community. Maybe I'm being too naive, but I picture these barcode hackers as old washed up vets who haven't played since pre-gemini. I just don't see the logic in hacking to "win" a fight with pops like they are. Of course with that being said, I don't see the logic in hacking a populated video game, just to win a video game, go outside if it's that important to you.

So with that said, I didn't interpret the "This community is sincerely awful." quote as anything to do with hackers. If that was intended, my fault I apologize for misunderstanding. Still though, I don't find hypocrisy all that community-building.
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