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My post was about how the community resorting to cheating is ruining the game while blaming legit players for why they are cheating. Such actions makes the community, generally, awful.
It is my opinion that the cheating doesn't have anything to do with the Planetside community. You take a bad player, who happens to have no life and a small penis, give him an easy to hack game + no response for hacking, like Planetside, this is bound to happen.

Every single game out there has it's hackers. The only thing that makes hackers so prevalent in Planetside is the easy code to hack. Seriously, I know someone who created a CoF/RoF hack in about an hour, just because we doubted him. Combine the simplicity of hacking the code, with absolutely no response it would happen in any game.

That being said, the community of Planetside is still horrid, but that has nothing to do with the hackers. Personally, I think it's just me. No matter what game I play (Planetside/Quake Live/ Quake 3 Arena CPM) the community is always shit. I should stop gaming

Also, I still love you angel!

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