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Originally Posted by Hehateme View Post
It is my opinion that the cheating doesn't have anything to do with the Planetside community. You take a bad player, who happens to have no life and a small penis, give him an easy to hack game + no response for hacking, like Planetside, this is bound to happen.
While I like the notion of breaking the two apart. Everyone cheating here tends to be long time small penis veterans. While they obviously are nobodies, they are still part of the community sort to speak. That random greenie you saw getting farmed could likely be the guy pull hacking everyone to death in the next five minutes.

I guess in that type of deal you can see a bit of their pain. Can you imagine being a nobody fish in a small pond? That would be extremely painful. Given the lack of backlash, they finally get to release their angst. It's pretty sad to see but humans are generally disappointing, so it is to be expected.

You don't see any actual known or decent players doing any of this nonsense.

Originally Posted by Hehateme View Post
Every single game out there has it's hackers
I agree with this. I have been gaming online since like '99 (yikes, right?). Diablo 2 auto target in PVP was pretty awful. TOR speed hacking was silly (despite I never actually witnessed it but video recording sure are there). Global Agenda auto aim apparently existed. So on, so on.

Not to mention the silly amount of botting in games like Everquest 1/2. I don't think I ran into a single person who maxed crafting in a legit manner in EQ2.

The pure problem with this game is how insanely it affects the game overall. While cheaters/hackers can hurt a RPG's economy or something (ugh FFXI and D3); the game was still pretty damn playable. One moron can literally shut this whole game down which hasn't really happened in any of the other games I played. At most in PVP based games or RPGs; I had to like change servers/games/play a tad more and ta dah, back to fun!

In Planetside; it gives the small penal warriors a false sense of grandeur and goes to promoting it. While in any other game they are just pretty insignificant and fade away back to obscurity.

Originally Posted by Hehateme View Post
That being said, the community of Planetside is still horrid, but that has nothing to do with the hackers. Personally, I think it's just me. No matter what game I play (Planetside/Quake Live/ Quake 3 Arena CPM) the community is always shit. I should stop gaming
"When everyone else is the problem...", nah - I get what you are saying. Overall there is no really 'great' community for any game. Any game you go to people tend to get blown away by niceness (see: we're all awful beings).

It being horrid though, in the way you mean it, doesn't really bother me and I am unsure why people whine about it so much. There is no such thing as a great community in pretty much anything. There are parts which may be amazing, but nothing is really perfect or completely amazing.

In relation to this game, is it a bit silly to watch eight scatmaxes conquering the two or three of us holding a base down? Of course. Does that make me want to whine and stop playing? Never. I can't seriously think of a time when I logged off from legit actions committed against me in my five years of being here. While, yes, I may make a 'heated' comment - that is literally the extent of my care; the couple seconds it takes to say 'we just got outplayed, hard!' (exclaiming hard, of course)

In example: AV and I went to go open Hurakan not long ago. We obviously got met with the wonderful TR as CE farmed the VS empire stuck in the tower since they couldn't get by CE. Eventually a couple guys humping a AI maxsuit while throwing plasma at us, bested us with like 3 minutes left.

Now I know what most of you are thinking, "WAHHH, LOG OFF! GAME BAD!". If you can't handle the game, then I suggest doing something simpler with your life.

We eventually, by the way, drained Bitol and captured it to remove the cavelock which then tripled the VS population as they actually had a fight. We progressed anyways, managed to get ourselves back into it still - even in 2014! Gasp! If there was some insane pull hacker though? We literally could do nothing and hence why one is a REALLY INSANE ISSUE and the other is laughable.

There is also nothing wrong with gaming or stopping to play games. I always encourage people to pursue whatever gives them even a glimmer of happiness in life.

Originally Posted by Hehateme View Post
Also, I still love you angel!
I do respect and am grateful for this. If I ever portray myself differently or you feel words I have expressed are against this; just ask or say something - I always love to try to clarify.

With that being said, I feel instead of sorta cheaply dodging with pretty Jessica gifs and what not...

I wanted to address the hypocrite thing, as simply, you deserve perhaps some real response:

Originally Posted by Hehateme View Post
But the level of hypocrisy in the statement, "This community is sincerely awful" amazes me.
I been called a hypocrite in this game a lot, and if you like to find various posts which show such. I am all for it. Often my posts consist of calling something bad but never telling everyone to not to use it.

To me, disliking something and still doing it doesn't really make me a hypocrite. I see why people would say so though and probably rolling their eyes now. Doing something you dislike to benefit you is a pretty simple thing of life actually.

I dislike having to deal with constant drunks when various situations require it, but my friends tend to know I love my drunken stupors. Should I completely deprive myself of a great pleasure simply because I can see the faults with it? I don't think so. Hence angelphantplasma!

Acknowledging something is bad, just means if it were to change; I would be perfectly okay with it. I suffer no dependency on these things while also I don't mean in any way to try to e-honor police people or get angry at others not following my 'rules'. You just have to, at times, accept things for what they are and not hope for what they could be.

Don't get me wrong, I am an extreme hypocrite given the right subject matter but not here even if my words are taken differently from my original intent. At best you can fault me for association off some old past statements but myself as just myself - I just don't see it.

Pleading with two jerks probably won't work with anything you do. However as pointed out on these forums, I do listen to Demo. If he is being evil though, he just gets a partner. I am sure others can be extremely angry at this, or yell, 'why can't you think for yourself?' and that is simply 'whatever' to me. I already said we play for laughs and to enjoy ourselves. Due to the nature of the game, this naturally will affect others enjoyment.

If our antics are too much for someone to handle, I highly recommend removing yourself from said abuse. If anyone wishes to fault me as an enemy, 'worst type of player', or Hitler and the reason for removing yourself from a bad situation, I am all for it. I'll happily be your villain if it betters your life. Everything I have ever done though in my 15 years of online gaming in a PVP manner, has always been with in the rules of the game.

As for the, 'it was PG' comment; I don't think I ever took actual actions against anyone because it was so and so. At most I think I say, "They would do it to us!". This statement is completely true for the most part and applies to pretty much everyone. Everyone is happy to be evil to us - being DT and all, ya know? My bastard deeds, however, extend to all and lovingly grasp everyone with no real special reasoning. Just ask demo - I plasma him like he owes me money.

The only time people get special treatment, as in I openly try, is if it is sorta determined before the actions. As otherwise I generally just get back stabbed trying to be nice for whatever reason (whether it be being me, or some past nonsense).

In your quote and everything though, it is all directed at me. I am okay with this, to be honest. I don't mind negative vibes being thrown my way of sorts for anything I have said or done (rightfully deserved or not, it's all good to me). You, though, throwing Demo in there just to besmirch him is a bit lowly to me.

While I understand your point for such words, it still is sad to me. If he made a comment on here which got you mad or whatever, you can have at it. It doesn't really add anything to your point either - which is that my comment was hypocritical - is the sadder part. If you wish to extend to how myself and my buddies are awful, then you are gladly permitted to do such but reason would probably be quickly lost.

To be honest though, that is more so just my wonderful character. I never approve when others say negative things about those I take an interest in. Can't help it.

Finally, removing my Hippo love from my quote is mean! =p

Anyways, <3. Hopefully you enjoyed an epic read.
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