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Originally Posted by angelphantasma View Post
I guess in that type of deal you can see a bit of their pain. Can you imagine being a nobody fish in a small pond? That would be extremely painful. Given the lack of backlash, they finally get to release their angst. It's pretty sad to see but humans are generally disappointing, so it is to be expected.
Ahh but this goes back to the "give vets a challenge/noobs a break" and while I think it is absurd that we should limit our play, it does have some validity to it. I tried to reach out to many noobies, both this f2p and whenever I saw a blatant noob in my 10 years of this game. Sadly, most people would rather suffer through getting owned/quit than accept help. I don't understand that, personally I look for someone's help whenever I join a new game. Probably because I don't have a problem with admitting I'm a noob to a new game, some people don't like admitting that. To each their own I suppose.

Originally Posted by angelphantasma View Post
The pure problem with this game is how insanely it affects the game overall. While cheaters/hackers can hurt a RPG's economy or something (ugh FFXI and D3); the game was still pretty damn playable. One moron can literally shut this whole game down which hasn't really happened in any of the other games I played. At most in PVP based games or RPGs; I had to like change servers/games/play a tad more and ta dah, back to fun!
Agree 100% this game can be ruined in a matter of minutes with a hacker. SOE is and always was a shit company, but iirc they said something along the lines of "We will not allow hackers in any of our games, Planetside included." before f2p released. This of course, could have been made up, but if it wasn't SOE lost respect from me with lying (who knew I still had some respect to lose for them).

Originally Posted by angelphantasma View Post
"When everyone else is the problem...", nah - I get what you are saying. Overall there is no really 'great' community for any game. Any game you go to people tend to get blown away by niceness (see: we're all awful beings).
I'm glad you know what I mean, but let me elaborate. Planetside players are some of the cockiest players in a game I've played. Considering I've played quake live, and now CPMa which is notorious for the asshole elitest players, this should say something. I don't know what it is, but Planetside players just extremely cocky, I'm not calling out anyone individually. Hell, I was even like this before I started playing quake. I originally got into Quake because I sent visigodo a hate tell. He kicked my ass for a bit, then I got better and beat him, and that's the last he spoke to me. Hi visi!

The whole point to this paragraph is, when Planetside was in it's hayday these asshole elitest players didn't matter so much. Killwhores were actually considered a joke, aside from the kill leaders on each server. Still though, the kill leaders wouldn't go off and hack a different continent (which also has it's benefits) they would typically fight in the primary fights and rack up kills. When planetside died (stopped being played the way it was intended), in my opinion, in about late 06, early 07, elitest killwhores were the only thing left. You get someone new trying out the game, dealing with an elitest prick. It's not going to workout typically. My hat's off to you angel for sticking around seeing as you started out at this time.

Originally Posted by angelphantasma View Post
I dislike having to deal with constant drunks when various situations require it, but my friends tend to know I love my drunken stupors. Should I completely deprive myself of a great pleasure simply because I can see the faults with it? I don't think so. Hence angelphantplasma!
Don't you dare.

Originally Posted by angelphantasma View Post
In your quote and everything though, it is all directed at me. I am okay with this, to be honest. I don't mind negative vibes being thrown my way of sorts for anything I have said or done (rightfully deserved or not, it's all good to me). You, though, throwing Demo in there just to besmirch him is a bit lowly to me.

While I understand your point for such words, it still is sad to me. If he made a comment on here which got you mad or whatever, you can have at it. It doesn't really add anything to your point either - which is that my comment was hypocritical - is the sadder part. If you wish to extend to how myself and my buddies are awful, then you are gladly permitted to do such but reason would probably be quickly lost.
I think my point here is that is that you're play is hypocritical, and combined with that comment (from the way I wrongly interpreted it) set me off. Let me explain, I've always played this game with "honor." The only gen's that I've killed were back in my cloaky-doke days on werner. RAS would say on Teamspeak "hateme I'm sick of this fight, get your gimp suit and go blow the gen." This was at interfarms though. Let me also say, blowing the gen at bio labs used to be a task an a half. With good pops about 30-40 guys would go sit in gen when the CY was starting to get hit (maxes would auto run up ammo/supplies) regularly. Seriously, I remember I would have a boomer on the outside door of stairs while a buddy of mine would lancer a supply max.

This "honor" I play with however, is just how I played, and how those around me played. It is unfair for me to project that onto anyone else. It is also unfair to call how I play "honor" because well, there is no rulebook out their. Honestly, if it's not hacking it's honorable. Before this f2p I NEVER had a problem with getting gen blown on me, even in 80-20 pops in a biolab. Who the hell wants to get farmed by 10 assholes (lms) for ever when you could blow a gen? Fair play, I didn't do it myself because I typically wasn't on the winning side of 80-20 pops.

[note] Please don't respond with "honor" lol LMS because yes, we were all bastards. However, we had 1 max typically and that was Marvin. And in my 6 years of lms we blew 1 gen, and that was against AT who just blew on on us an hour ago. (hypocritical? absolutely. Justified? I'd say so, AT was annoying as hell xD)
Edit: I know you wouldn't do this angel, but this was speaking to anyone else reading this post.

As for calling out demo, it just irked me in the mentality of "game annoys me so end the fight." Should I have left him nameless, yes absolutely. He doesn't come on the forms afaik so slandering him without the probability of a proper response (if he even cares) was immature of me.

For me though, I've considered my planetside "career" over since Gemini was formed, and werner gutted thanks SOE. I was gonna quit, but I wanted to level up 1 more br25 with "good" pops. I joined LMS and liked those guys enough to stick around somewhat. I went from playing every weekend from the time I was 10, to only really playing in the summer time for first two years of high school. Summers were always nothing better to do, without the ability to drive, until august football camp started without.

Then I got a car and video games just didn't exist for me at all junior year. Sometime during senior year, I started to play quakelive again and gradually switched to cpma. This made me all nostalgic, and subbed to PS for one last summer. I kinda wish they killed the server after this summer, Pops were good because ps2 beta was coming soon, hackers were rare (lol actual dev) and that was a good time. PLUS I actually had my werner characters with backpacks.

Had werner been merged originally with Gemini this game would still be populated. I cannot tell you how many people quit when they learned they'd lose all their characters. Personally, I had 2 cr5s and a cr4 on werner. I didn't mind leveling new BR, but I've always hated CEP. Combine werner characters with the original East coast Gemini, pops would have been amazing. Good work SOE as always.

So you'll see me around here and there, but this game has been dead, to me, since 07. Just people who cannot let go of it (me superincluded). I hope this planetside drama, and my admittedly elitest mentality hasn't driven us to the point where we cannot be friends anymore. Or too the point someone won't give me one of his cars .

I am considering writing a lengthy detailed post about what went wrong, and why Planetside died. Having played in every stage of planetside, like many others, I feel I could do a very good job in explaining what were the many things that ended this great game.

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