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Agree 100% this game can be ruined in a matter of minutes with a hacker. SOE is and always was a shit company, but iirc they said something along the lines of "We will not allow hackers in any of our games, Planetside included." before f2p released. This of course, could have been made up, but if it wasn't SOE lost respect from me with lying (who knew I still had some respect to lose for them).
That was stated by the lead GM "Praesum". I was recently talking to him and he said that he made that statement before free to play, before he knew there was no longer going to be customer service support. He also said the concerns I addressed to him (mainly about the hackers) would be forwarded to the proper people; he couldn't promise anything but said our concerns are not falling on deaf ears.

Empty promises and no hope? Probably but I suppose if enough stink is kicked up it may draw enough attention by SOE where somthing may change.

P.S. I am not making a novel long post like you or Angel!
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