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Originally Posted by Hehateme View Post
So you'll see me around here and there, but this game has been dead, to me, since 07. Just people who cannot let go of it (me superincluded). I hope this planetside drama, and my admittedly elitest mentality hasn't driven us to the point where we cannot be friends anymore. Or too the point someone won't give me one of his cars .
I recommend learning to move on! We can always be buds, can even friend me on steam or something if you wish to flirt for years to come (RL circumstances permitting).

Also said person is so hooking me up first. I put out more.

Originally Posted by Effective View Post
Is that you Topdawg?
I think to think there is some of Topdawg in me.

Originally Posted by Hippo View Post
P.S. I am not making a novel long post like you or Angel!
SOE always gives false promises. Furthermore, I always wanted to be a writer. NOVELS, NOVELS EVERYWHERE.
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