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NC players are the kings of the incompetents, masters of the retards, and lords of the idiots. They'll find a way to suck completely and utterly no matter what the situation. The absolute suckage of the NC players is completely mind-blowing/boggling and then some. The total incompetency displayed by the NC makes is really hard to enjoy the game at times (because I main NC). Trying to get to get even a tiny bit of competency is far too hard for their tiny brains and thick skulls to even comprehend. They ruin every NC player's experience and their own with how retarded they are. I simply cannot grasp how and ENTIRE faction's playerbase can so completely and utterly horrific. They cannot even hold a simple continent or base to save their lives. Really NC players, you probably redefine horribad players are among the worst players in any game out there. If you want to hear more of my rants of how idiotic NC players are, /tell chat with me or catch me on my TR/VS alts (when I play them). And one last thing, the NC on my "friends" list and in my outfit are cool. Bad players, but cool. The rest of the NC, my seething hatred goes you to you.
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