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Regarding Smed's response I'm afraid I think Sabrak has the truth of it. None of us know the details of the agreement which is in place but I highly doubt anyone is going to revise anything until they've at least given it a try. Let me put it this way (and posse don't think I'm being pessimistic, you genuinely will not find a more ardent fan of ps than me) but do you really think either pro7 or soe didn't expect this reaction? They knew they were going to get out and they're just hoping it'll die down soon enough that it doesn't disrupt anthony they have planned. Anthony they tell us right now must be taken with a table spoonful of salt!
The 'deal' itself is done but the part we are talking about, is region locking, is a small part of that.

It might not even be a detail within the main contract but be specified within protocols and SOP's.

As long as SoE recieves revenue from European players for their input and Pro7 also receives revenue and both are able to cover their costs and make the expected profit then - ie there is 'wiggle room'.

I would expect there will be Euro players playing on US Servers and US players playing on EURO servers and it will all balance out (pretty much).

I think there is at least a good possibility of a compromise.
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