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Re: NC Delta Force [EU]

Okay, wow, it's really hard to just pick an outfit! I know I'd best join an EU outfit, but every outfit just seems to be offering pretty much the same.
But I've got you guys on the short-list

I don't have a Beta key (was busy all august so didn't bother to twitter-spam) so I still have time enough to choose. I guess the people in the outfit will end up be the deciding factor. Also after exams are done, I'll have a lot more time to check out the details on different outfits.

Also, do you plan to have training sessions? Are officers gonna make attack plans and such?

About me:
I haven't played PS1, I have some experience in shooters. I'm not a great FPS player, but I can hold my own. I'm pretty good at tactical play, but I'm guessing the giant scale of PS2 will mess that up for me at first. I'm a student for 1 more year so I can probably play most nights, but if I'd join you, it'd probably be as a Soldier at first. That would help me to get to know the game and such.
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