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Re: Beta: Vehicle Weapons - The good, the bad & the ugly

Saron HRB for the Magrider makes it into a double AV platform. With top armor, the Magrider + Saron HRB is a menace to armor and fairly resistant to air, though a bit vulnerable to infantry. It has a low angle, so don't expect to hit much air that isn't coming in at a low trajectory.

The PPA for the Magrider is also pretty sweet. Don't expect to hit air at all, or fast-moving vehicles in the distance, as it is still a bit of a show projectile. Against infantry, it is amazing, and it adds some extra damage in tank battles (not nearly as much as the Saron though).

As for the Lightning Skyguard, its a good pair of scissors for the enemy paper. Don't expect to get solo kills, but expect to get a ton of assists, and expect to be a key influencing force in shutting down enemy air so tanks and infantry can roll in. Any armor column that is without a Skyguard is basically just asking to be rocket spammed and bombed.
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