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Re: Cont Lock finally?

i still don't get how it's supposed to help the game.

i mean they had to ruin the crown to stop people from only playing at the crown, right? then they had to create the entire conceit of Alerts from whole cloth just to get people play a map other than Indar. and even now when pop gets low you have to play on Indar, because everyone plays on Indar - because everyone plays on Indar.

so now the idea is to lock off the alternative places to play? so the empty continents get captured and closed off for play, and everyone fights over Indar with the supposed goal of gaining them back? except you can't ever push people out of an Indar warpgate because the lattice funnels all the players into three 100 v 100 lag pits.

also what is the benefit of controlling a whole continent that is locked away? one side gets 1000 resources to use on the other continents while the poor get poorer in the only place left to fight?

i just don't see this being the magical solution to the myriad design flaws in the overall system. as it stands, the game is playable, even fun, if you don't try to take the territory game too seriously. the flaws are there, but you can play around them and have a nice time of it.

i will stay open minded to change, and even look forward to many of the planned redesigns, including the resource system. i am just very concerned about enshrining the very worst aspect of gameplay (territory control) and decreasing available area to play in. if anything i'd think we want more options and not less.

but then again i liked the freedom and unpredictability of the hex system, and felt that there were many other things contributing to the basic problems blindly scapegoated on hex that (surprise!) still persist today. and i have been repeatedly shit on for that opinion, so i don't really expect much difference with this.
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