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Re: Cont Lock finally?

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Instead of continent locking, why dont they just restrict the faction that has more than 33% (a predetermined % would be in place. Say 40%) from attacking on that server on that map. They could
still defend their territory but couldnt take anymore since they would have reached the maximum % allowed. This way all continents dont have to be locked and everyone has something to play towards on every continent in every server...

thats my inexperienced thoughts. Just wanted to add to the thread. Just an idea in the end as im sure we all want a good experience.
That's not the idea, ie that every factino has something to fight on every cont. The purpose of continent locking (which is a term that doesn't describe what it actually is) is supposed to be a reason to fight and give each empire an overall aim. Either to dominate the entire world or to be dominated.

The big problem is that it cannot work with 3 or every four continents. It takes 7 minimum and 9 or 10 ideally. (ps1 had 10) The reason why we don't have it is that SOE finds continent creation very time consuming. At launch we were expecting 2 conts per year and we're way way below that, dev time is mostly spent on keeping the current game running and adding sweeties like new guns to the store.
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