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Re: Cont Lock finally?

Slightly off topic but maybe relevant would be the return of the underground vpads with doors at the end (or shields if you can't do doors) these in ps were awesome and we had alot of great infantry fights down them as another access point like the back doors and main doors.

As for the noob vs vet argument we have to remember with out noobs the game would die quickly because the vets would start to leave because pops would be low and so making pops lower so without new players and giving them some hand holding to an extent if it helps make them into a long term player then it's sacrifice we should make.
It's not like we can't drop mines a little bit away from the pad. And as has been said they are such a cheap kill and very annoying to loose your sundie as you spawn it wasting your resources. I don't mind dieing to a tank or even c4 but a mine on a vpad is just lame in my eyes.

As for contacting locking I'm all for it as long as hossin is in place then we can start a simplified version adding battle islands and more conts as time goes on. But hossin has been sat on test for what must be a year and that's ridiculous, just release it now and get searhus out ASAP too. We need more continents not guns.

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