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Yeah, yeah, I'm a new guy, whatever. Just please don't bash my virtual face in. I've played PS2 on and off for a while, but only recently discovered this community. I apologize for creating a new thread on top of all the others that you read through, but it seemed to be what everyone else was doing, so hey, might as well join 'em.

I play a TR character known as Oslim (if anyone knows what that's referencing, I appreciate your existence.) on Emerald, but I tend to work better as cannon fodder than anything else. Occasionally I can be a good shot with the DMR-66, but most of the time I'm the first to die even if I can get the drop on someone. Same for aircraft. I've got techniques for Galaxy destroying and playing a scout paratrooper kinda guy, but other than that when I pilot a Mosquito it lives up to its name. Only with more getting shot down.

Once again, I profusely apologize for the creation of a near-useless thread, and hope that you don't bash my virtual face in. With words. Somehow.
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