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PSForever (PlanetSide 1 Emulator) Combat and Respawning LIVE!

We’ve reached a new major milestone with our PlanetSide 1 emulator. Combat and respawning is now live:

How to play

You must first follow our server connection guide.

Combat Zone

All combat currently takes place on Old Oshur, at Dahaka Technology Plant, using Agile Armor, empire specific Heavy Assault weapons, Knives, Medkits, Medical Tools, and Jammer Grenades.

To join in the fight, type /zone Oshur

Respawns are instantaneous, and determined by empire:
  • TR: Front Door
  • NC: Back Door
  • VS: Spawn Room

New Features

We are constantly updating the server with new features. Other weapons, armor, various features, and bug fixes will be implemented soon! Here’s some stuff we’ve added since last update:
  • Player damage
  • Player death
  • Respawning
  • Repairing armor; self and others (currently armor doesn't protect you though)
  • Choosing voice at character select now syncs in-game
  • Damage flash
  • More!

As always, please spread the word, and join us on our Discord server!

-PSForever Team

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