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TR Combat Medic needs a home.

I am a 23 year old PS1 vet, my account is roughly seven years old in which time I have played off and on but always on TR. What I'm looking for is an established (or maybe even just starting ) Terran outfit that has need for a good Medic.

While I am willing to play other classes on my down time, I would prefer that during group ops I am allowed to play Medic unless it is a situation of extreme need. I fully plan on certing up my medic class to the best possible team benefit. Meaning buffing up my heal/revive (Both single target and AoE if possible) to it's most powerful state, even if that means sacrificing any fun quirky personal medic certs that come along.

I am okay with younger players, I was fairly young when I started myself, and am generally a laid back player. I enjoy sarcasm and love to laugh. I am not easily offended, and am able to take criticism so that I improve both my own and my outfits play. What I do not stand for however are people in my outfit making asses out of themselves in chat. I would like to join an outfit that does not trash talk (out of good taste) and does not ruin my own good name by sharing a tag.

I realize that is a bit much to ask for, but I hope to find a home for many years to come in PS2 so that I might make long lasting friendships and heal to my hearts content. My ultimate goal is to get the VS and NC saying "It's *outfit name here* take out LittleGuy first."
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