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[TXR] Total Recoil - Connery Server - Combined Arms Operations.

To find the application and much more information than is in this thread including streams, pictures, twitter feeds, Ops nights and the forums please click on our logo below or go to

Who we are: A Cohesive Unit

We are the Number 1 outfit with over 160 members on Connery. We encourage you to check us out at or

Total Recoil is an outfit based around camaraderie, team work, and fun. We pride ourselves in having members and leaders who excel in tactical warfare. Over the years of our members playing many different varieties of games we have come to realize that it in order for us to conquer nations we must band together as one force. This is the vision of Total Recoil, for you to form bonds and brothers in arms as you tear the enemy to shreds.

What we do: Combined Arms Operations

Air Superiority: Are you tired of life on the ground? Are you sick of the endless foot-slog? Do you dream of being more than a mere man? Throw off the shackles of gravity and take to the skies on wings of fire and testosterone! Come fly with some of the very best pilots and air crews the Connery server has to offer. TXR's Air Wing is a vital part of Total Recoil's combined arms approach. We go where called, seeking out the enemy in the air and on the ground and forging victory from their burning remains. When the men on the ground cry out for help, it is we who answer their pleas. By our hand is victory delivered. Do you have what it takes to fly with us? Come find out.

Armor Domination: If you are a tanker, head on over to the Prowler Pack. They always have an Ammo Sunderer and a Sky guard at your back, while you bombard the road ahead.

Infantry: If you are a grunt, head on over and check out Ground Pounders. These guys don't hide behind a hunk of armor, or stay above the fray in the skies. They are the front of line of any battle. They will earn victory through sheer force of will no matter the cost or the odds.

Specialized Operations: If Ground Pounders are the blunt club, The Phantoms are the surgical scalpel, they drop in behind enemy lines and will take a base before the enemy even know what hit them.

We have events such as Friday Night Ops, Traitor Tuesdays, Indoctrination Thursdays and still have time for Harasser races. We have a Podcast, stream, keep up on the website, and use TS3 for Operations.

What we require of you: Our Expectations
  • We expect our members to have a friendly approachable attitude always willing to lend a hand with the platoons greater goals in mind.
  • Remember that you have a TXR tag next to your name. It is a tag that inspires fear in our enemies and brings relief to our allies when we hit the battlefield. Wear it with pride and respect. Do not dishonor the tag with any sort of ill-behavior.
  • Total Recoil is an outfit created to accommodate all types of play styles in order to maximize your fun! We do not have attendance requirements, and we do not force people into any roles. If you want to be a pilot one weak, and a tanker the next, and then back to infantry. Thats GREAT! We encourage that. We do NOT demand power gamers, we want people to play how they enjoy the game.
  • While we have plenty of fun in our dedicated TS, we also demand that people snap to attention when the battle heats up. When we are in a real fight comms are reserved strictly for delivering tactical information.

Take a look at our FRIDAY NIGHT OPS Spotlight!

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