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Originally Posted by ringring View Post
Pretty much as evilpig said. Motivations should be player driven.

I can't see what can be done to WDS, I'm not even sure what it's intended to achieve.

The standard Events have their good points in as much as to do impact on player, outfit and empire behaviour, but because the end result is more XP (sometimes a lot more) and because more XP mean more certs and more certs equal more power then they have tended to destabilise populations.

An ideal ps2 would have neither Events nor WDS but rather something else and we know what that 'something else' is.
Well said. I think the WDS event was possibly a wasted effort as it lacked a goal or focus.

My main worry is that it's distracted from real development and design of the game. WDS wouldn't have been in my top 100 issues to work on at least given all the other issues. Especially taking time to implement it into the UI rather than focusing that UI effort on cleaning up the menus and the interface more. (Especially with the PS4 launch looming).
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