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Thanks guys, currently we (Hellenic Phalanx) are looking for the beta and we don't know if we're forming our own outfit or joining an existent one, but as soon as there was activity & organisation that's great news for us. Being a former Battlefield 2142 and still loving it (after the epic fails of BC2 + BF3), PS2 is our last resort - both because it looks incredibly similar to 2142 (vehicles, guns, maps everything) and because we already competed in multi-clan campaigns in 2142 (TGW for anyone remembering).

Hope Sony doesn't mess up with the devs again, following EA's traces.

[offtopic]no offence taken mate but... why EU is not correct? Before you reply do take in account that EU is a globally accepted term in scientific literature (and not only).
EU (spit!) unless you mean the continent of course.

Old werner had players from UK, Ireland, Scandanavia (Nor, Swe, Den, Fin), France, Netherlands, Russia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Portugal and Israel.

Also quite a few friends from America.

It's funny but I don't recall a Greek presence, I don't know why. There were either no greek or not that many I suppose.
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