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Re: Santorum Drops Out

I forgot Gingrich was still campaigning. Apparently he dropped out.
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Seems exaggerated. Not sure what point it's trying to make. We've been telling kids to respect the environment for a long time. Sustainability is key while looking for alternatives. I'm not sure what that video is advocating that isn't already being implemented. To me this is separate from global warming - which I don't really care much about. If you want to just make quick gains you can drill up all the oil, though there's no real backing that drilling lowers prices or helps anyone other than the oil industry which is already flourishing. I'm surprised that video didn't mention nuclear which (along with thorium reactor research) is a strong direction to energy independence rather than toying with transient energy sources. That and I get a strong "this was funded by oil lobbyists" vibe from that video that they're trying to stifle investments in other technologies.

To make this clear it's important to look as energy as a grayscale. You can get energy from tons of sources without creating a single point of failure.

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