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Originally Posted by Dart View Post
One thing the Op said caught my eye a few pages ago. "Your (sic) not trying to kill me with aggressive arguments, that's refreshing". I think that's an unintentional insight into the typical - at least in my experience - mindset of an Israeli on this subject. Even the most friendly and otherwise calm people seem to become aggressive, almost militaristic in their expressions and their attitude. Personally, coming from a country where apathy is considered 'cool', at 17 I found this fascinating, if a little intimidating!
Just the psychological effect of constantly feeling a threat to your security/existence I suppose.

Originally Posted by DjEclipse View Post
Who's fault is that? We all take L's (the lose.) Then negotiate with the exact people that won, and settle on their terms. Palestinians never did that.

There is no good or bad guys in war. Just wins and losses. If Japan did not take that L during WW2 they would be glowing till this day.

Taking a L doesn't make you a loser. Simply gives you a chance to heal, befriend your enemy, and move the fuck on in life.
Couldn't have put it any better myself
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