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I disagree. All people have a right to self-determination within their own country. When it comes to imperialism, the aggressor is ALWAYS wrong. If one million soldiers from a foreign nation were deposited in Canada to wage war and try to take it over, how are they in the right in any way? How would the citizens of Canada be wrong to fight them off?
That's gotta be the worst analogy to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict I've ever heard.

Neither Palestinians nor **** had a country when the conflict began.
The land in dispute was a part of the Ottoman empire for more than six centuries
and after that under British mandate from 1923-1948.
When the British left both **** and Palestinians had well established communities living side by side
and there was no formal agreement of how to divide the land. Obviously, war ensued.

So you see, it wasn't 1 million foreign nation soldiers against 35 million Canadians in their own established country.
It was more like 600k **** without a country against 1 million Palestinians without a country + six other Arab nations as allies.
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