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Perhaps you guys can clear up some conceptions I have about the situation:
I believe every human should be able to freely elect the leaders of their own local, regional, and national government. I also believe that restriction of this or other basic freedoms (many of which are listed in the U.S. Constitution, for reference) is grounds for violent revolution.

To the topic; I'm under the impression that some people in Israeli-controlled territory are under voting, movement, property ownership, congregation, or other restrictions of rights. This may or may not be the case. However, were I in such a situation, I'd gladly support any violent effort to subvert this condition, including terrorism against civilian targets.

So fill me in on the details. If I were born in Israeli controlled territory to the "wrong" parents, would I be preparing for a glorious death, bathed in the blood of my enemies... or have I got the facts wrong here?
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