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Re: Huge Outfits and PlanetSide 2

Originally Posted by Fab View Post
These guys sound like a zerg outfit, not even asking to be on TS or Mumble?
I mean if the goal of the outfit is to transform a blue zerg into a green zerg, there is really no point..

What is REALLY powerfull, is 200 guys actually working together, fighting for the same strategical goal, and THAT is really powerfull. A zerg is just a zerg. People join an Outfit for the tactical aspects I guess, not for the cool or [Whatever] tag.
well the outfit I'm in looks down on ****, MAJORLY. Just because of the simple fact that they don't require Teamspeak, Radcall, or Mumble. They just zerg abd zerg and zerg all day long. And when they are trying to cap a base and it looks even in the SLIGHTEST bit like they won't win it, they leave to a DIFFERENT continent, not to a different OBJ or base, but a different CONTINENT. I wish they would just disband...

EDIT: they need this:

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