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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

I havent left completely, but I rarely login. The top reason for me has nothing to do with that list - its boredom. The only reason to login is to grind out a few more levels. Theres no "winners," no real competition or competitive aspect like other old games like CS have. Theres no real persistence, taking a base really doesn't do anything for your team, yourself, or your faction. Locking a continent is a bandaid and doesn't do much but steamroll other teams with bogus bonuses to heap on the likely already over pop empire and remove choice.

The game needs a certain "quest" aspect to it. Something meaningful that adds a level of strategy to the game. Whether you take a bio or amp station, it doen't really matter. But if resources meant something, and were tied to types of bases, then making a choice for territory would add a level of fun to the game that will evolve the game into something more than just a TDM.

Anyway, I keep holding out hope, but until the game has something more to offer than just unlocking stuff, its going to be boring.
>>Make resources matter!<<
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