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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

The win condition or victory is completely irrelevant, even unnecessary, There's no reason whatsoever to win the war. The only thing you need is the "fight" itself and seeing as it's a video game it benefits no one if the war ends because of a win condition.

The "Top Cause" of players leaving if you want to attribute it to anything is the lack of content to busy yourself with.

You enter a fight and hold the objective. During this process you get XP by killing in the most efficient or effective method possible, Rinse and repeat. (This is where the hate is mistakenly directed at Liberators and needs to instead be focused at the broken Vehicle system in general, Or the hate against Snipers instead needing to be directed at PS2's lack of properly understanding the application of Long. Medium, and Short Range combat ) The game needs to get away from a XP incentive and reward contributions like Squad/Platoon leading, the Mission System needs to finished.

Continent locking and Continent bonuses in there current form are sufficient and serve the intended purpose. But considering the large time gap between these events, It's not enough to hold your attention.

The new Directive system being introduced (Achievements by any other name) is beneficial to the health of the game but ultimately serves as a temporary bandied solution seeing as its just polishing the Auraxium system that we already have, so outside of Aesthetics it's nothing new.

The eventual Ants and Resource system will provide logistical mindset type players with something to do and cater to a wider audience then just the action rambo inspired players.

With all that said, Strictly in my personnel opinion if I had to name -one- thing that needs to be done to improve the experience and expand the games health, Thus retaining player attention, is redo the Vehicle system entirely. Vehicles right now are only cardboard boxes that give the player a extra HP bar. What vehicles need to do is properly behave and perform like a vehicle with moving parts.

Ideally I'd like to see the vehicle system that's in War Thunder: Ground Forces or Red Orchestra 2 where you have hard-points over health bars.

Another thing that could be done to improve the health of the game and retain players is implement the base-modules of PS1 as part of the Outfit Capture system. Put a control console in a Facilities spawn room that is only accessible to the Outfit Officers of the Outfit who last conquered the facility.

Outfit Officers could use this control terminal to switch out base turrets or move generators to different structures at the cost of Certs, This way every Facility becomes to a degree a unique experience. Outfits could decide if they want to put all AA turrets onto a Tower, or we could see more use out of the rare Anti-Infantry turret.

I dare say to even allow Outfits to modify Phalanx guns with zoom optics or Thermal optics.

[End Rant]

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