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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

Originally Posted by Mietz View Post
The NC sniper was the only that could do it from all the stock snipers, later when alt snipers were introduced the NC one still was the only one that could do it.

Then they introduced cross faction bolt actions that could do it.
Now every sniper hits the same to the head. (now every sniper has a 2-2.1 headshot multiplier, before the semi-autos had i think 1.5, but i would need to check and cant be bothered, please someone confirm)

Predictably the VS snipers rule now since they have no bullet drop and the bolt actions all had them.
The VS snipers do have bullet drop last I checked. The only one that doesn't is the one they all hate, their new one the Phaseshift. And when I speak of sniping I am usually only referring to bolt actions as the Semi-Autos I see as more of a support weapon than anything. Back to the Phaseshift though I actually really love this gun because of the zero bullet drop and higher skill cap. The lack of bullet drop makes it have the slowest velocity (Percieved, perhaps statistically too.) to compensate and if you miss your headshot you can finish 'em up with the Semi-Auto shot, just have to learn to lead your targets properly and gauge distance based on how large people appear.

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