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Re: Friday Night Ops EP39 Resource System Q&A Tonight

Originally Posted by Eyeklops View Post
Are you considering any personal resource gain (nanites?) from combat actions such as killing a player, destroying a vehicle, or arming/destruction of tactical objectives (generators)?

Is vehicle deconstruction going to give back any personal resources? If yes, does that mean we will be able to swap vehicle loadouts with minimal resource loss, if any? I think giving resources for vehicle deconstructions is a place where % bonuses could be attached. The ability to swap vehicles loadouts quickly would be a nice convenience item.
Not currently, that sort of flexible income makes it very difficult to balance and ensure meaningful and predictable consequences.

I'm sure we'll do something reasonable for deconstruct, but I wouldn't expect a full resource refund. When you pull a vehicle you're making an investment, and not all investments pay off, just like when you throw a grenade and it doesn't hit anything.
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