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Re: LOL @ the VS fail

Originally Posted by Zulthus View Post

The VS got warped there. Higby asked us to send him a tell to get pulled to the WG and the majority of us made it before the event started. A few were left unable to be reset to the warpgate and hacked the base.

Also, we were indeed outpopped because we were warped in last. We had many slots open by the time we started, it was no challenge for the TR to take Jamshid. We were outpopped.

The funny thing is, both empires each had more pop than the VS, but even combined, they couldn't beat us without genning Atar.
Man shut up with this crap. VS hit there cap of sign ups. Soo.. Point invalid. Also, at the start of the event I believe the VS had 1+% on everyone else. It was like 33 to VS's 34.

And why did the ones that did not get moved not do the honorable thing and run back or even better really show honor and just WAIT until the rest of the forces showed up to put on the hack. *sigh* Idiots up in this place I swear.
For those with a sick sense of humor, you will dig this
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